AutorunCleanUpTool 1.0

This tool is called AutoRun CleanUp Tool By TroubleFixers
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This tool is called AutoRun CleanUp Tool By TroubleFixers. Yes, this tool is from troublefixers and was developed it for readers and anyone who would like to use it. It’s a freeware and can be re-distributed free of cost. AutoRun CleanUp tool is a specialized tool which scans and removes any AutoRun file which is present in the root directory of any fixed or removable drive. You should use this tool when some particular hard drive or USB drive partition is not opening on double click. Also you should use it when you plug in a USB drive which may contain some virus or malicious stuff like spywares. Please note, this tool may remove Autorun files which may not be damaging or problematic in nature, you should delete the files which you have not created or which you don’t expect to be present normally on your drive. Also, there maybe some cases in which the file may not be deleted successfully, for example, write protected media like a CD drive or a write protected memory card or USB drive.

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